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Sources of Food and Water

2022-10-01 21:07:29

– As a survival game, the threats of hunger and thirst will ever be on your mind, and one of the bigger challenges will be finding a way to reduce this stress by knowing where to find food and water at all times.

– Early on, be sure to track down any nearby large mushrooms to find smaller ones growing around them. A lone mushroom won’t leave you feeling all that full, but having a bunch of them can help stave off hunger while you look for better things.

– It’s important to note that standing water can always be used if you’re in danger of taking damage from thirst – as dirty water will just make your hungrier – and if you already have a supply of food ready, no worries!

– However, you should be constantly on the lookout for aphid dew that they little insects leave behind, as it can help deal with thirst in small bits. You can also sometimes find larger drops of nectar in the wild – and you should you also familiarize yourself with nearby juice boxes or soda cans – as they will regularly spawn drops of liquid once a day or so that you can return to (though they may roll downhill).

– Killing insects to roast their meat is always a viable option – but don’t wait on it, as their meat spoils quickly, unlike mushrooms and dew that does not. To this end, you’ll soon want to invest in renewable resources. Be sure to head over to the towering oak tree to locate acorns, and break them apart with a hammer to learn how to make a Mushroom Garden at your camp. Similarly, you can break apart Quartzite in tunnels and analyze the pieces to learn how to make a Dew Collector – but you’ll need to sneak into spider territory to steal their spider silk.

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