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A mid-range tank, Sigma excels at switching between his skills to sabotage opponent team fights. As long as he is in the proper position to launch his Hyperspheres, he may cause enormous damage. While Sigma’s talents were not altered for Overwatch 2, we anticipate that they will be for the 5v5 meta.


  1. Be aware of the ideal range for your Hyperspheres, which is typically 20 meters from a rival. You may increase your damage output throughout the battle by using this approach.
  2. Get comfortable deploying and retracting your Experimental Barrier to position your Hyperspheres at the ideal distance.
  3. Make careful to chose the correct targets while utilizing your ultimate talent, Gravitic Flux, such as supports and DPS, to guarantee that they die during the « Slam » portion of your skill.


  • Hyperspheres
  • Kinetic Grasp
  • Experimental Barrier
  • Accretion
  • Gravitic Flux (Ultimate Ability)

What’s Changed in Overwatch 2?

  • New Tank Passive
  • Shield Health increased from 100 to 250. (Buff)
  • Accretion’s damage increased from 70 to 100. (Buff)
  • Experimental Barrier Regen Rate decreased from 120 HP/sec to 100 HP/sec. (Nerf)
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