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MultiVersus : How To Play As Shaggy

Shaggy’s Ability

PassiveShaggy’s Raged Special Attacks hit harder, move further, give him Armor during the attack, and apply maximum stacks of Weakened to hit enemies. Rage is consumed after a Special Attack. Shaggy starts each game with a Sandwich.– A powerful passive, enemies have to respect the empowered specials or risk taking a large amount of damage.
– The starting Sandwich can either be used for a quick Zoinks or to apply early ranged pressure.
JabCharge up a cancellable straight powerful punch. While charging Shaggy has Armor.– The Armor can surprise opponents and let you land a big hit.
Side TiltA combo of two punches ending in a headbutt– You go-to close range option, there are multiple combo extenders you can use after this, depending on what percentage your opponent is at.
Up TiltCharge an uncancellable overhead swing.– Comes out pretty quickly, and can combo after a low percent Combo Meal.
Down TiltCharge an Armored stomp that Breaks Armor. After hitting an enemy, it can be input again to perform a clap attack, applying a short Slow debuff to enemies.– Use to combo off a hit stun or to guard the ledges.
Neutral SpecialCharge to build up Shaggy’s Rage. After fully Charging, Shaggy gains Rage and applies Enraged to Allies. If playing with a teammate, he also drops a Scooby Snack that heals the fighter picking it up. If already Raged, Shaggy will dash to his ally, making them Enraged and releasing a blast that knocks away enemies.– Try to charge Zoinks at height, which will lower the risk of opponents punishing you.
– The cast can be canceled if you think you are going to get hit.
– Try to acquire Sandwich beforehand if running the Hangry Man Signature Perk, for faster charging.
Side SpecialA flying forward kick.– A great punish, the distance traveled can catch many opponents off guard, and if you can suitably punish their spacing, this will be a game changer.
– Very tempting to spam, but a good opponent can punish you because of the high end lag.
– Useful for getting back on stage or following up a recovering opponent.
Up SpecialA flying uppercut that launches Shaggy into the air. The Raged version hits multiple times.– Not a great travel distance, but comes out relatively quickly, and it is possible to claim Ringouts off the Top of the Arena with this.
Down SpecialShaggy equips a Sandwich. Input again to throw the Sandwich forwards as a Projectile. Heals any ally it passes through. A Raged Sandwich will become larger and deal more damage. If used while Raged and without a Sandwich equipped, Shaggy will stomp the ground, sending a shockwave forward.-Your ranged option, this can be used to stall out camping opponents like Tom and Jerry or to provide some pressure before an engage.
– A great follow up to knocking an opponent offstage.
– Try to keep a Sandwich on you at all times, if you ever have the space to perform the pickup.
Down Air SpecialLaunch Shaggy towards the ground, gaining Armor and hitting nearby enemies upon landing. If Raged and equipped with a Sandwich, Shaggy will through a normal Sandwich instead, retaining his Rage.– Quite a slow spike, but powerful.
– You have decent horizontal movement during this move, so you can try to catch opponents off guard.
Neutral AirShaggy performs a flurry of kicks below him, hitting multiple times.– A decent multi-hit punish, but has quite a low range, and you might struggle to consistently land this against opponents with decent Up Tilts.
Side AirA fast knee forward attack that can be Charged.– A nice quick follow-up option, but may get beaten out by longer range opponents.
Up AirA sweeping swing above Shaggy.– Can combo off Power Uppercut, but nothing special.
Down AirShaggy used a two-handed pound attack to knock enemies downward.– A good spike, use this to guard opponents who are holding onto the Arena Wall, and are trying to jump back onto stage.
– Will bounce opponents up, leading to further combo strings, but it has low range, and you will get beaten out by characters with decent range on their Up Tilts.

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