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2022-09-20 18:23:49

Luna can be played as both a forward and a goalie. She is highly kill focused but she can also score incredibly well with well placed juggernauts (the dash). Keep in mind you can strike during the dash allowing you to redirect the ball. You can even do things like hitting the goalie with juggernaut while hitting the ball elsewhere into the goal

Goalie: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Eject Button

For Luna forward, eject button is not as necessary, many people like running stacks on stacks if they feel like they can’t die against the enemy forward.

Forward: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Extra Special
Alt: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, Stacks on Stacks
Alt: Heavy Handed, Ultrascope, +1 (Eject Button, Primetime)

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