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2022-09-20 18:20:29

Juno is generally played as a forward, with a focus on scoring / controlling the ball. Her slime throw can be surprisingly good at getting KOs against staggered targets though.
One thing to keep in mind is that if you press your strike, you can control where your slimes will hit the ball. Also keep in mind your jump makes you invulnerable, and you can strike during the jump. The ultimate also spawns a slime for each target in the ultimate, including the core.

Meta Forward: Rapid Fire, Creator of Durable Things, Crossover
If you prefer having your ultimate up faster rather than more movespeed, you can take this page
Alt: Rapid Fire, Creator of Durable Things, Extra Special
Alt: Rapid Fire, Creator of Durable Things, +1 (Perfect Form, etc.)

If you want to cover more angles with slime throw, you can run missile propulsion over rapid fire. This puts much more
Alt: Missile Propulsion, Creator of Durable Things, +1

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