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2022-09-20 18:19:15

Juliette has very flexible trainings so pick what you feel most comfortable with. The main juliette combo is dash + punch while u are dashing so they get hit by both. This makes it very very easy to kill people near the edge of the map. You can also use the flurry after the dash punch to guarantee the kill, or use flurry into dash punch if you are confident that will kill.

The meta training page focuses on killing. I personally prefer heavy handed over built different to make it easier to dodge ability, but built different makes the combo much easier to hit. I recommend taking built different if you are newer.

Meta Forward: Perfect Form, Tempo Swing, Built Different
Alt: Perfect Form, Tempo Swing, Heavy Handed

If you want to focus on speed and scoring, and there is not much kill pressure from the enemy team this page can work

Alt: Crossover, Stacks on Stacks, Unstoppable

Another alternative is if you like the base training page but feel slow, you can run crossover to make it easier to maintain ball control and score

Alt: Crossover, Tempo Swing, Perfect Form

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