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2022-09-20 18:18:23

Estelle is generally played as a forward. Basically anything in the orange page is good, so Estelle trainings are generally personal preference. If you take prime time, you should focus on hitting level 10 by contesting orbs. The ultimate is a great scoring tool

Meta Forward: Missile Propulsion, Rapid Fire, Primetime
Alt: Missile Prop, Ultrascope, Rapid Fire
Alt: You can honestly pick anything in Orange and Red trees and it will work. You can also consider Super Surge and Crossover in green tree

Estelle goalie can also work, but it takes precise use of Estelle’s snipe and teleport to keep the ball away from the net. Keep in mind you can strike very quickly after a teleport, so you can teleport on top of the ball and instantly strike to redirect the ball.

Meta Goalie: Missile Propulsion, Rapid Fire, Prime Time

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