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2022-09-20 18:17:44

Era is played as a supportive forward, generally paired with a brawler like X, Drek’ar, and Juliette. Era swarm is nice to be used for both securing orbs and for pressure on the enemy goalie to score. Shrink ray is generally used to shrink/slow enemies or buff your brawler. Keep in mind shrink ray can be used to score in a pinch.

This rune page is the generally accepted rune page, but I personally prefer the alt page for faster cooldowns over the super surge buff on the speed boost.

Meta Forward: Crossover, Cast to Last, Super Surge
Alt Forward: Crossover, Cast to Last, Perfect Form

Prime time can be decent if you want to play more for the late game

Alt: Crossover, Super Surge, Prime Time
Alt: Prime Time, Cast to Last, Crossover

Stacks on Stacks can be used if you do not feel like you will die against the enemy forwards
Alt: Crossover, Cast to Last, Stacks on Stacks

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