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2022-10-12 20:58:38


A former DPS character in Overwatch 1, the developers decided to rework Doomfist into a tank in Overwatch 2. He is also an agile tank that can travel great distances with his abilities. Although he doesn’t deal as much damage anymore, he can still stand toe to toe with DPS and supports in a 1v1 duel.


  1. Know your matchups and when you should retreat; Once Doomfist fully engages (throws out all abilities) an enemy team, he doesn’t have many abilities left for escaping. It’s about knowing when to save your Rocket Punch or Power Block to help you get out from possibly a lethal situation.
  2. Feeding is not an option; You are the only tank, and with Doomfist’s kit, you’ll be relied on by your teammates to engage in fights. A dead tank during an engagement is one of the worst things that can happen in Overwatch 2 as your team’s balance will be completely thrown off guard.
  3. Learn techs from Youtubers and Overwatch Pro Players. Here’s a good video to start your Doomfist journey:

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