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2022-10-01 21:04:33

  • Invest in multiple camps once you’ve got a feel for the land it pays to have mutliple bases to rest at and restock, as well as triggering different places to respawn if killed.
  • The more your base grows, the more likely it will become a target for hungry ants and larva seeking sources of food. They’ll tear through everything in an attempt to get at your stuff, so consider looking to build your storage bases on higher ground that’s harder to reach.
  • You can get more building recipes by talking to BURG.L and giving him chips – like the one on the ground next to him when you first help him.
  • Each armor set has its own bonuses, and equipping them all with give you an additional set bonus.
  • Craft the full Ant Set to blend in among the Soldier Ants, allowing you to sneak into their nests in search of treasure without getting hassled.
  • Become self-sufficient by investing in Dew Collectors and Mushroom Gardens to always have a source of food and water when you need it.
  • As long as you can find a starting point to snap to, you’ll find that you can expand bases in the most unlikely places – along stone walls, atop lanterns, floating on the pond – use your imagination!

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