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2022-09-20 18:15:51

Atlas is primarily played as a goalie. Keep in mind your ultimate is mainly used to resurrect allies, so try to cast it right before they die. Your expanse also has quite the cast time, so its best to cast it sooner rather than later

Meta Goalie: Built Different, Crossover, Creator of Durable Things

If you find that you need to resurrect more often, you can run this alternative rune page. This can be good against highly kill focused comps.
Alternative Goalie: Built Different, Crossover, Extra Special

If you find you are being pressured a lot as goalie (for example against an X) you can run stagger swagger
Alt Goalie: Built Different, Stagger Swagger, +1

If you are playing against forward that will never be able to kill you, and you feel comfortable being slower early, you can run stacks on stacks for extra power in the mid-late game
Alt Goalie: Built Different, Stacks on Stacks, Creator of Durable Things

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