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2022-09-20 18:14:11

Asher is an incredible goalie, she is almost impossible to be scored on unless you shoot around her. Good use of her dash is critical in saving goals (Keep in mind you can strike to redirect your shield, and you can also strike during the dash!). Her ult can also be used not only to score but to kill people by knocking them over and over again, much like an era swarm.

Meta Goalie: Built Different, Prime Time, Crossover
If you do not feel like you can die in net, you can take stacks on stacks over crossover
Alt Goalie: Built Different, Prime Time, Stacks on Stacks

Asher Can also work incredibly well as a scoring forward, if she gets the ball near the enemy net it is almost impossible to defend with the dash + arc beam combo into the net due to her passive shield. Alternatively you can throw your ultimate at the enemy goalie and ruin his day.

Meta Forward: Built Different, Unstoppable, Crossover
Prime time is incredibly potent once you hit lvl 10, you can easily knock people out with arc beam into arc beam, and it is also incredible as scoring
Alt: Built Different, Prime Time, Crossov

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