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Taz Abilities

Taz Abilities

Taz has a passive ability that allows it to hit Tasty damage to its opponents, which after reaching a particular threshold, turns them into a roasted chicken and leaves them unable to attack. Any damage you deal to your opponent during this time will shower you with pieces of chicken, which will heal your character.

Taz’s neutral moves involve him dishing out the enemy with damage, be it by hurling soup or by seasoning the enemy with salt or pepper, or sandwiching the enemy between pieces of bread.

Coming over to his special moves, Taz’s neutral special move is called Chew ‘Em Up and Spit It Out. As the name suggests, this move entails Taz’ engulfing its opponent in its gargantuan mouth and chewing them up. Just perform the move and keep pressing the special button to chew and deal chip damage, and then spit them out in any direction you desire. You Spit What You Eat is a variation of this move that is particularly useful against ranged fighters. This down special move enables Taz to chew any fired projectiles and return the favor by spitting it out to your opponent which also inflicts Tasty damage.

Taz can also turn itself into a spinning tornado called the Taz-Nado, which is the character’s Side Special move.

The Dogpile! Dogpile! attack is Taz’s Up Special which creates a cloud of dust that slowly grows in size over time. Any opponents caught within that radius are repeatedly inflicted with heavy damage.


Taz is a ‘bruiser’ character, which means he likes to get stuck in and deal physical damage up close.

At the moment, Taz has some notoriety among the MultiVersus community for his spin move, which is pretty overpowered.

The fact this move has no cooldown, can do some serious damage and can be difficult for beginners to avoid means he’s the fighter of choice for ‘cheap’ players looking for an easy win.

The game’s director has hinted that the spin may be getting nerfed soon though, so if you’re a spin-spammer, enjoy it while it lasts.

The spin aside, Taz’s other main gimmick which separates him from the rest of the roster is his ability to deal out ‘tasty’ debuffs to his opponents.

Taz can turn his opponent into a chicken with enough ‘tasty’ debuffs

A large number of Taz’s melee moves deal ‘tasty’ when they hit, which start building up an opponent’s tasty stat.

When this stat reaches its maximum, the opponent will briefly turn into a giant roast chicken and will be unable to attack.

If a cooked chicken opponent takes damage, they’ll drop smaller pieces of chicken which can heal Taz and his allies.

Taz can also lick his allies by passing by them, healing them a bit. This has a cooldown, though, meaning you can’t just run back and forth licking them within an inch of their lives.



(Neutral, ground or air)

Given that he’s a greedy sod, it’s perhaps unsurprising that Taz’s main special move is the ability to eat his opponents, stunning them.

While opponents are in Taz’s mouth, the player can keep pressing the Special button to chew them, dealing damage, or can press a direction to spit them out.

While this is happening, the opponent can bash buttons to try to escape, so Tax can only keep them in his mouth for a limited time.

This move has a secondary function – if an opponent fires a projectile at you, you can swallow it by timing this move perfectly.

This not only avoids the attack, but also comes into play with Taz’s ‘You Spit What You Eat’ move (see below).


(Side, ground or air)

Everyone associates Taz with his giant spinning brown tornado, so of course it’s a special move in MultiVersus.

Doing the Side Special move makes Taz spin forwards in his tornado for a limited time, hitting enemies multiple times as he does.

If you pass by an ally while doing this move you’ll extend how long it lasts, and also increase your ally’s movement speed for a short while.

This move can also be performed in the air, where it raises Taz upwards slightly.

As previously noted, this move is notorious for being the most annoying one in the game because the lack of cooldown makes it easy to spam. Enjoy it while it lasts, because a nerf appears to be on the cards.


(Up, ground or air)

You know that dust cloud you sometimes see in cartoons (including the MultiVersus loading screen), where characters get into a big fight and you just see arms and legs sticking out?

That’s what this Dogpile move does, with Taz starting his own dust cloud that grows gradually bigger.

If an enemy enters the dogpile, they’ll take multiple hits, finishing with a powerful hit right at the end.

This move has a cooldown period, so while it’s recharging Taz will instead performing a jumping swipe move.


(Down, ground or air)

This move makes Taz spit out an apple at his opponent. It’s not very civilised but it gets the job done.

If the apple hits, it not only does damage but also deals a small amount of ‘tasty’ to the opponent.

If you’ve already eaten a projectile (see the Chew Em Up, Spit Em Out move above), then Taz will spit out the projectile instead of an apple.

If this projectile hits the enemy, it will deal out a lot more ‘tasty’, getting you ever closer to turning them into a roast chicken

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