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Winston is a hostile tank with the ability to dive off adversaries and destroy soft targets. With his jump pack, Winston possesses such extreme mobility that he can quickly enter and exit fight. He can regain full health, fling adversaries about, and break their rhythm thanks to his Primal Rage. His Tesla Cannon now has an alternative firing in Overwatch 2, allowing him to target a single adversary with greater range.


  1. Similar to D.Va, you need to have a goal in mind before using your Jet Pack to confront an adversary. If your adversaries decide to band up against you, they can still remove you from the team battle.
  2. Be mindful of where you set your Barrier Protector and make sure it prevents opponent abilities like Ana’s healings and other projectiles from being used.
  3. You can now use your Tesla Cannon’s alternative fire to try to put an adversary down if they manage to escape.


  • Tesla Cannon
  • Tesla Cannon Alternate Fire
  • Jump Pack
  • Barrier Protector
  • Primal Rage (Ultimate Ability)

What’s Changed in Overwatch 2?

  • New Tank Passive
  • Health increased from 300 to 350. (Buff)
  • New Skill: Tesla Cannon Alternative Fire. (Buff)
  • Barrier Projector cooldown decreased from 13 seconds to 12 seconds. (Buff)
  • Barrier Projector duration decreased from 9 seconds to 8 seconds. (Nerf)
  • Primal Rage Ultimate Cost increased by 10%. (Nerf)

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