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Pizza Tower

Unused level orders

Demo 1/Demo 2

During this phase of development, the levels were much longer, with a more predictable structure of two floors and a boss, therefore less levels would have been viable. This level order was documented in a conversation PTG had in the Pizza Tower Discord on November 2nd, 2018, detailing all of the gimmicks and transformations for each one. Descriptions are his exact words.

Level 1 – Ancient Tower

As Demo 1 had already been out for a few days, PTG felt no need to describe the first level. See Halloween Demo for more information.

Level 2 – Factory

« The Factory is a more mechanic focus level because of its treadmills. It looks like a metallic factory that produce cheap frozen pizza. »

  • Gimmicks: Conveyor Belt, Box Stamper
  • Enemies: Grabbie Hand, Peppino Robot
  • Transformations: Boxxed, Sticky Cheese

Level 3 – Trash Heap

« Similar to Wario Land 4 Toxic Landfill. Absolutly disgusting mess of pizza box and rotten food. Its more of an action with a lot of obstacles to deal because of the cheeseballs and falling platforms. »

  • Gimmicks: Rotten pizza box platforms (early version of Cheese Block), diagonal walls
  • Enemies: Trash Pan, Rotten Ingredients, Muscle Pizza
  • Transformations: Cheeseball, Meteor

Level 4 – Spooky Apartment

« A creepy apartment (similar to the tutorial level). This is more of a sneaking level since you need to make the most use out of the new transformation, and you actually need to hide from some enemies. »

  • Gimmicks: Maze-like level design
  • Enemies: Horrible Pizza Monster (most likely obj_monster), fat guy that farts eating pizza (early version of Ranch Shooter), fake pizza boxes (early version of Noisey)
  • Transformations: Barrel, Ghost

Level 5 – Party

« A chuck-ee-cheese type of place with various party elements. There is a specific gimmick where you must wake up sleeping pizza monster with the music of the animatronic. A machine that you can fall into turns you into an animatronics. Spike does their usual job. »

  • Gimmicks: Sleeping monster in need of waking up
  • Enemies: Pineacool, Evil Animatronic (reskin of Peppino Robot), Cool Kid
  • Transformations: Animatronic, Caffeinated

Level 6 – Freefalling

« A constantly falling array of things that falls at the same time has Peppino, while the noise activated a trap that created a giant fan to throw everything out of the tower. The level is basically random objects stuck togheter to create the level, all while falling. By the end of the level, when opening the door, Peppino get to enter a hot-air balloon that was parked there to get back on top. »

  • Gimmicks: Everything falling up rather than down
  • Transformations: Spinny, Superhero

Level 7 – The Oven

  • Transformations: Firebutt, Hungry

Level 8 – The Pizza Dream

  • Transformations: Shy, Muscle

Level 9 – Living Tower of Pizza

  • Transformations: Bomb, Knight, Boxxed, Sticky Cheese, Cheeseball, Meteor, Barrel, Ghost, Animatronic, Caffeinated, Spinny, Superhero, Firebutt, Hungry, Shy, Muscle

Early 2019 (GOLF)

This point in time was when the level design structure was revised to be shorter and less formulaic. This would later be the standard the final levels would be designed with. Each stage would have been based on a different type of pizza. This level order was documented in a conversation PTG had in the Pizza Tower Discord on February 3rd, 2019.

World 1

  • Pizza Desert (pepperoni pizza)
  • Pizza Castle (Neapolitan pizza)
  • Pizza Factory (brand-name pizza)
  • Pizza Sewer (rotten pizza)

World 2

  • Pizza City (New York pizza)
  • Pizza Space (pizza marinara)
  • Pizza Beach (Hawaiian pizza)
  • Pizza Hell (spicy chicken pizza)

World 3

  • Pizza Freezer
  • Pizza Heaven
  • Pizza Cowboy
  • Pizza Dream

World 4

  • Pizza Kung Fu
  • Pizza Circus
  • Pizza Party (pizza quattro stagioni)

Mid 2019 (Pre-SAGE)

This is the level order described in the official Pizza Tower design document, released on June 2019. Similar to the final level order, but with some differences.

World 1 – Tower

  • Entrance
  • Medieval
  • Ruins
  • Dungeon
  • Noise Boss 1

World 2 – Western

  • Desert
  • Cowboy
  • Crashed UFO
  • Farm
  • Noise Boss 2

World 3 – Island

  • Forest
  • Beach
  • Kung Fu
  • Mansion
  • Noise Boss 3

World 4 – City

  • Canadian Winter
  • Sewer
  • Circus
  • Kitchen
  • Noise Boss 4

World 5 – Factory

  • Factory
  • Power Out
  • Freezer
  • Kid Party
  • Noise Boss 5
  • Tower Finale
  • Final Boss
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