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Doomfist was a DPS in Overwatch 1, but the game’s creators changed his role to become a tank in Overwatch 2. He can cover a lot of ground quickly and maneuver like a tank. Even if he no longer deals as much damage, he can still go head-to-head with DPS and supports in a 1v1 match.


  1. Know your matchups and when to evacuate; Doomfist doesn’t have many options for leaving after he has completely engaged (thrown out all of his abilities) an opposition squad. Knowing when to use your Power Block or Rocket Punch will enable you to escape potentially life-threatening situations.
  2. Feeding is not an option because you are the sole tank and your allies will depend on you to battle because to Doomfist’s equipment. One of the worst things that may happen in Overwatch 2 is a dead tank during an encounter since your team’s equilibrium will be severely upset.
  3. Learn from YouTubers and professional Overwatch players. Here’s a helpful video to get your Doomfist adventure started:
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